Ceiling of the Parliament courtroom in TrévouxCeiling of the Parliament courtroom in Trévoux
©Ceiling of the Parliament courtroom in Trévoux|Daniel Gillet

The Parliament of Dombes

The courtroom of the Parlement de Dombes, a hidden treasure in the town of Trévoux!

Monaco next to Lyon

Unbelievable but true: for 200 years (from 1560 to 1762), Trévoux was the capital of the Principality of Dombes. The town has preserved several original testimonies to this glorious era. The most monumental of these is, without doubt, the Palais du Parlement de Dombes. It represents the symbol of the independence and privileges of the former principality.

There are only thirteen Parliaments built in France, and the town of Trévoux is privileged to have one!

Discreet architecture and luxurious decor

Built in the 1690s, this rectangular building is built in the typical architecture of the Lyon region. At the time, it marked an eastward extension of the city, in a district where the Duc du Maine, Prince de la Dombes, asked to build several private mansions intended for magistrates who were obliged to reside in Trévoux.

This room won’t leave you indifferent, you’ll be surprised by the exceptional, highly structured richness of its paintings signed by painter Pierre-Paul Sévin. The decor revolves around the themes of the Sovereign Prince, Justice and Peace. It delivers messages related to these themes, drawing on examples borrowed from the Bible and Greek and Roman antiquities.

Parliament today

Today, Parliament is the seat of the magistrates’ court. The courtroom, still in use, has retained its original appearance.

We plead guilty because you’ll already be seduced and curious to discover this nugget! So come visit and “judge” for yourself!

When to visit? Open to the public on the occasion of events such as the European Heritage Days, you can also discover it during guided tours offered by the tourist office.