School visit by Pays d'Art et d'HistoireSchool visit by Pays d'Art et d'Histoire
©School visit by Pays d'Art et d'Histoire

Le Pays d’Art et d’Histoire

The Pays d’art et d’histoire label obtained by the Communauté de communes in 2008 was extended to all 19 communes of the Communauté de communes Dombes Saône Vallée in 2018. This label, awarded by the French Ministry of Culture, rewards territories committed to promoting architecture and heritage.

Label actions

The Pays d’Art et d’Histoire Trévoux Dombes Saône Vallée department is implementing an action plan based on 3 axes:

1) Enhancing the natural, built, movable, written, industrial and intangible heritage

2) Developing the architectural, urban and landscape quality of the territory

3) Raising awareness of heritage and architecture among the general public (young people, residents, external visitors).


These actions include:

  • “Laissez-vous conter…” : two-voice tours to discover a hidden part of the local heritage
  • “Mes après-midi créatifs”: workshops for children aged 6 to 12 combining creative leisure activities and heritage
  • major national events such as the Rendez-Vous aux Jardins and the Journées du Patrimoine
  • the establishment of the “Carré Patrimoines” Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Center within the “La Passerelle” cultural space on the banks of the Saône in Trévoux.
  • visits and events for schoolchildren to discover the region’s heritage.