Mirror effect on the Saône at TrévouxMirror effect on the Saône at Trévoux
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Capitaldes Princes des Dombes

Welcome to the Principality

Just a stone’s throw from Lyon, come and discover Trévoux, the ancient capital of the Dombes region, a natural Principality!


just a stone's throw from Lyon

For 200 years, Trévoux was the capital of the Principality of Dombes. The city has preserved several original witnesses to this prosperous era. The most monumental of these is, without doubt, the Palais du Parlement de Dombes. Built in the 1690s, it housed this rare institution (there were only 13 Parliaments in France) usually reserved for the major regional capitals! The palace has preserved the courtroom intact, with its original decor.


and its treasures!

To find out more about this unusual history, you must visit the Musée Trévoux et ses Trésors where, in a private mansion with prestigious collections, you’ll be immersed in the Principality’s history through modern, fun mediation. As a sovereign principality, the Dombes was careful to establish a highly advantageous tax system, making Trévoux the region’s Monaco. Goldsmiths and goldsmiths, attracted by more favorable conditions than in France, settled here in large numbers. Similarly, the Jesuits came here to print the Dictionnaire et les Mémoires de Trévoux, which they had not been allowed to print in France. Later, long after the Dombes region was attached to France, Trévoux remained the capital, but of the diamond die, this time. This is a tool used to stretch metal wires, into which a diamond is set