Information desk store in Ars-sur-FormansInformation desk store in Ars-sur-Formans
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From monastic crafts to local products, from well-being to ultra-gourmet products… You’ll discover some great products to take home as a souvenir of our gastronomy. To offer… or not?

Local produce

to die for!

Discover a whole range of delicious local products in our boutique. For an unexpected aperitif, vegetable spreads from Bocalerie des gourmets in Fareins, or Dombes carp and trout rillettes from Fumet des Dombes in Saint-André-de-Corcy will surprise you. Pair them with Beaujolais wines from Domaine de Crètes or a craft beer from La Ripailleuse. Lovers of coffee will appreciate the excellent Café d’Alex, a roaster in Ars (who also offers teas), to be served with the delicious Confitures d’à côté or products by Happy-Miel! Well-being is also present in our local products: Spirulina, an algae-based superfood, produced in Trévoux by Astrée Spiruline Najel natural cosmetics, developed by the Najjar laboratory in Civrieux.

For the little ones

and for grown-ups!

Also locally produced, you’ll find carp leather jewelry, made from the skin of carp caught in the Dombes ponds. Bracelets, rings and earrings will complete your look! But also pottery, icons, handcrafted creations… our artists and craftsmen will seduce you with their know-how. You’ll find a range of circuits and topoguides to help you explore our beautiful region. Numerous books recounting the history of our region are also available. Discover our children’s range too!

Monastic products

You’ll find the famous Eyguebelle syrups, delicious thirst-quenching syrups with original flavors: rose, fir tree, cactus-chili pepper… Honeys and jams from the Abbaye de Sept-Fons to accompany breakfast. Have you heard of Abbaye de la Coudre flans? Pour milk into a saucepan and add your favorite flan: caramel, praline, raspberry, coffee, lemon… perfect for dessert. But also beauty products like Chantelle and Ganagobie perfumes and soaps, or Eau d’Emeraude, the infallible skin care product! And there’s no better way to take care of yourself than with Alexion, the magic potion! A beverage made from 52 fortifying and restorative plants. Use it when you’re feeling tired, or as a preventive measure before the winter season. Fruit jellies and musculine, both monastic and local products. They are produced at the Abbaye Notre Dame des Dombes in Le Plantay, not far from Ars.