Café Vélo La Roue Libre in TrévouxCafé Vélo La Roue Libre in Trévoux
©Café Vélo La Roue Libre in Trévoux|Café Vélo La Roue Libre à Trévoux

Concerts at La Roue Libre

If you like cultural and artistic encounters, you absolutely must meet Damien and Greg from Café-Vélo La Roue Libre in Trévoux. They’ll be offering you a host of great encounters throughout their summer program.

Unique encounters

Have you ever seen a DJ transporting his mixer by bike? Yes, yes, we’ve seen it with our own eyes. A bike + a trailer + a solar panel = it’s off to a concert at sunset!

Concert events, but also musical quiz nights, storytelling evenings, lectures, travelogues… At the café-vélo la Roue Libre you’ll make some unprecedented cultural encounters.

Guinguette spirit in ON mode!

As night falls, the decor changes, and the garlands on the terrace light up, giving way to an equally magical, festive atmosphere… Vive l’esprit guinguette!!!

A must-try evening with a drink on their pretty, picturesque terrace, made 100% from salvaged materials. In such a magnificent, breathtaking setting on the banks of the Saône.

An address not known to all (yet!) that you’ll need to note in your diary at all costs for your next get-togethers, meetings or reunions with friends. Cheers!

It's freewheeling!

You’ve probably already been seduced, as have all those who have tried it out, so remember to reserve your place for future evenings 😉

If you’re looking for a relaxing moment on the banks of the Saône accompanied by a book and a cup of coffee, take a look at their literary caravan, formerly used as a bar, today it’s filled with books that will delight readers.

Get on your bike and head for Roue Libre in Trévoux!