Château Bouchet in FareinsChâteau Bouchet in Fareins
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An art galleryin the open

ArtFareins Biennial

Because it’s never too early to be amazed by art and nature, come and discover the fifth ArtFareins Biennial of contemporary sculpture in the parks of the Val de Saône!

Fifth sculpture biennial

See you from June 3 to July 16 for this new edition, which pays special tribute to two sculptors: RACHID KHIMOUNE and MICHEL LUCOTTE.


The works

Around them, a selection of twenty-seven other artists is presented, always chosen with the same high standards of quality and stylistic diversity. These include Joseph Ciesla, Françoise Giannesini, Olivier Giroud, Vincent Gontier, Philippe Gourier, Serge Landois…. An in situ symposium will bring together several artists, including Philippe Pousset, Paty Sonville and Mathilde Pénicaud, the latter working with children from the Fareins school. The symposium will begin after the inauguration. It will enable the public to see the works in progress. Like its predecessors, this biennial will be a singular experience. It has taken its rightful place in our region’s cultural landscape.

An open-air gallery

The heart of this biennial event will be, as every year, at the Château Bouchet in Fareins, which will be open to the public free of charge on weekends from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

But, as usual, you will be able to discover works exhibited as echoes in the surrounding villages: Trévoux, Villefranche-sur-Saône, Fareins, Parcieux, Saint-Bernard and Saint-Jean-de-Thurigneux.

Upcoming events

The 2023 symposium

First half of June, two artists create a work in the Parc du Château Bouchet in Fareins. Come and visit them and chat with them, every day from 5pm or at weekends.

The show

On Saturday, July 1 at 8pm, the trio TATANKA will give a concert in the Parc du Château Bouchet in Fareins, at the invitation of “Chien à trois pattes”. Admission fee.