Restaurant Les Petites Voiles in ParcieuxRestaurant Les Petites Voiles in Parcieux
©Restaurant Les Petites Voiles in Parcieux|Camille Jimenez
Live the guinguette spiriton the banks of the Saône

Guinguette spirit

Whether you’re with family, lovers or friends, experience the guinguette spirit. It’s one of the hallmarks of our establishments on the banks of the Saône. Here, the scent of summer wafts through the air, like a vacation: a lovely shaded terrace on the banks of the Saône, the soothing proximity of the water, music and sometimes a game of boule – what better way to quench your thirst or eat by the river?

A stroll along the Voie Bleue in TrévouxA stroll along the Voie Bleue in Trévoux
©A stroll along the Voie Bleue in Trévoux
Please note

All these establishments are located along the Voie Bleue, Moselle-Saône by bike, and can be reached by bicycle via this safe route.

What's for dinner?

It’s up to you to decide: finger-licking cuisine (with fresh, local ingredients cooked on site) at the Maison Eclusière de Parcieux and at La Roue Libre Trévoux, café vélo; or three-course meals in restaurants (with, why not, the small plates in the big)?

La guinguette

to celebrate!

As you’ll have gathered, a guinguette is ultimately more about ambience, an atmosphere in which you feel good, than a type of establishment with a specific cuisine.

Besides, for ambience too, it’s up to you to set the cursor according to your desires. If you want to move and sing (“faire p’ter la pantoufle”, as we’d say in Beaujolais), we recommend the concerts organized at the Maison Eclusière de Parcieux whose stage overlooks the Saône, rather oriented towards world music, or at the café-vélo La Roue Libre Trévoux with its more jazz/pop/rock tones.

If you prefer a more subdued atmosphere, the restaurants Le Petit Port, l’Embarcadère, Chez Bibet, Belle Rives Braises et Condiments, La Maison Bleue or Les Petites Voiles will be more suitable. They’re sure to offer you the emblematic fritures and grenouilles, but not only.