View from the octagonal tower of the Château-fort de TrévouxView from the octagonal tower of the Château-fort de Trévoux
©View from the octagonal tower of the Château-fort de Trévoux|Romain CAVALLERO
Once upon a time...

We tell you stories

Open the parenthesis and discover how history has played out over the centuries in and around Trévoux…

Hidden treasures of a principality

Accompanied by an enthusiastic guide or on your own, discover the medieval town of Trévoux. The tour will take you on a journey of discovery and explain how it has developed over the centuries. In the historic heart of Trévoux, you’ll stroll through medieval alleyways, interspersed with a few traboules, and take in one of the treasures of the old town: rue Casse-cou. Then, on Rue du Palais, you’ll admire the many private mansion facades, filled with the daily history of the great families of the 17th century. What’s hidden behind their beautiful openings? You’ll conclude your timeless journey with a stop at the Parlement de Dombes where the Duc du Maine, son of Louis XIV, awaits you. And yes, nobody knows it, but Trévoux, capital of Dombes, has been home to a Parliament since the 17th century, a prestigious and rare institution usually found only in large regional capitals. What a surprise it will be to enter the preserved courtroom with its original decor.


Conquering the castle!

After this interlude, head to the heights of the town, towards the château fort, and delve into the history of this powerful edifice built in the Middle Ages. Let us reveal to you the secrets of a building that was at once a fortified military structure, a residence and a symbol of the lord’s power, in short: defense and prestige.

From the terrace of its octagonal keep, elegantly decorated with gold and white stone, a superb panorama of the Saône, Monts d’Or, Beaujolais and Dombes opens up before you. If the sky is clear enough, you’ll even catch a glimpse of Mont Blanc.

At the end of the tour, you’ll try your hand at knightly weapons, don helmets and armor, and dream of storming the castle. What an adventure!

A vision of Italy just a stone's throw from Lyon

Leave medieval Trévoux and head 12 kilometers further north to Fareins and its famous Château de Fléchères. Walk up a sumptuous driveway to the largest 17th-century château in the Lyon region. It stands majestically in the heart of a 40-hectare park ideal for strolling and relaxing. Here, your guide will take you to another time and another country: you’ll have a vision of Italy! You’ll be impressed by the rare and seductive interiors: sculpted fireplaces, monumental staircases, period furniture. Your guide will introduce you to the secrets of Pietro Ricci’s Italian frescoes, uncovered a few years ago after being hidden for two centuries. Before leaving, don’t miss the 17th century vaulted kitchens with their period utensils, and imagine the cook at her stove.

Discover the chateau

The fortified castle of Ambérieux-en-Dombes

Anne my sister Anne, can’t you see it coming? If there’s one place with a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside, it’s the mighty 14th-century feudal château d’Ambérieux-en-Dombes. It dominates the village and is built entirely of brick, a material typical of Dombes fortifications and noble houses. As you listen to its best ambassador, a member of the association in charge of its enhancement, you’ll step back in time. You’ll see the remarkable, recently restored keep and the important remains of the other three defensive towers and their surrounding walls. After climbing the interior staircase, you’ll reach the summit of the keep, and there, as you discover the vast 360° panorama over the Dombes and Lyonnais regions, a feeling of freedom will overtake you…


A land marked by history

Looking for something off the beaten track? Even those who don’t like to be told about it love the program of “Laissez-vous conter…” offered by the Pays d’Art et d’Histoire Trévoux Dombes Saône Vallée. One Sunday a month, discover little-known sites or those not easily accessible to the public: work-in-progress or hidden treasures of the region. Come and listen and be enriched!

Are you familiar with the dimanches du Carré Patrimoines? It’s a simple, original and fun way to discover or rediscover the site with a guide lecturer every Sunday, with each time new activities proposed by theme: a special visit to the apothecary, a family quiz, a surprise visit of the day, flash visits to discover the history of Princes and Princesses of Dombes…