Apothicairerie de TrévouxApothicairerie de Trévoux
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Creating historical memorieswith your family

Play with history as a family

If you’re on vacation with the family and don’t know what to do, it’s easy: just leaf through the “Rendez-vous Trévoux Dombes Saône Vallée” brochure from the Pays d’Art et d’Histoire, packed with original ideas!


with your family

Let us tell you the story of a château that is exceptionally open for programming, a mill, a house restoration using materials typical of our region. You’ll find exhibitions, a site visit, workshops and why not sign up for family or young-audience activities such as a creative workshop. It’s very interesting, with a different theme each time and the combination of a workshop and a visit: for example, a visit to a washhouse and soap-making, an introduction to photography in a park, a visit to a mill and a construction workshop, creation of a balm or herbal tea and a visit to the apothecary, stained-glass window-making and explanations of the stained-glass windows in a church, discovery of the use of wax and restoration techniques with a visit to the Musée de cire Grévin and candle-making…

Conquering the castle!

If children prefer to move, prefer adventure, come and plunge with them into the Middle Ages thanks to a presentation of weapons and armor at the château-fort de Trévoux. Your child can transform into a knight by trying on helmets, armor and wielding a sword. Take the opportunity to visit the château-fort. From the top of the keep, “wow! What a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, the Dombes, the Monts du Lyonnais, the Beaujolais and the Saône…”. You’ll all leave enriched by the story, and what’s more, the kids will have had a great time!

But … they’d rather play Sherlock Holmes? Well, they can, by investigating the castle of Ambérieux-en-Dombes. They’ll be looking for the culprit behind the murder of the architect in charge of building the church.

Open the parenthesis

for a unique immersion experience

Do you love dramatized tours? Come to Ars. As you make your way through the village, watch playlets performed by characters in period costumes, and get to know the unique, famous, celebrated Saint Curé who enlivens an entire village with his sacred History! In Trévoux, you’ll take a trip back in time, meeting real-life characters who have left their mark on the town’s history and helping you discover its crafts.

Discover the tours

Discovering hidden treasures

I’m also thinking of the “Discover the secrets of Trévoux” game booklet on sale at the Tourist Office. Eugène, his character, invites the children: “Hey there! My name’s Eugène. I know this town like the back of my hand. Come with your parents if you like, and you’ll be able to explore the narrow streets, the old stones, the hidden treasures of the town!”

Taking the time to recharge

Are you looking for calm, serenity and rejuvenation? Take a family stroll in the Parc de Cibeins. Here, together, experience a moment of relaxation in perfect communion with nature where century-old trees reign. Enjoy sensory experiences thanks to the animations of the Pays d’Art et d’Histoire.

Take the path and cross the woods to arrive in the famous village of the Saint Curé d’Ars. Enter the majestic, refined Basilica, then discover the Curé’s house, which has remained unchanged, and head down to the wax museum created by Grévin.

Having a little hunger? you’re spoilt for choice between sacristains from the boulangerie, delicious puff pastry cakes sprinkled with hazelnuts, almonds and powdered sugar, or an ice cream from M. Rimaud, makers of artisanal ice creams made with the good milk from their cows. They won the gold medal with their pistachio ice cream. So, what’s your choice?