Aerial view of the Château de Fléchères in FareinsAerial view of the Château de Fléchères in Fareins
©Aerial view of the Château de Fléchères in Fareins|Château de Fléchères

Fléchères Castle

Fléchères will pierce your heart like a dart hits its target!

The largest castle of the 17th century

in the Lyon region

After passing through a majestic tree-lined driveway, you’ll discover this exceptional monument located just a stone’s throw from the Saône river in Fareins.

A vision of Italy on Lyon's doorstep

Elevated by a jet from 1606 to 1625 and preserved intact, it is an exceptional testimony to the life of Lyon’s great notables.

The paintings by Tuscan-born painter Pietro Ricchi will surprise you with their quality, scale and state of preservation. The château preserves a pictorial ensemble unrivalled in France: 10 frescoed rooms.

During your visit, you can also admire the large sculpted fireplaces, the empty-cage staircase, the richly furnished Louis XV paneled apartment and the antique kitchens “in working order”.

Immersion in the 17th century and the Age of Enlightenment guaranteed!


Surrounded by charming nature

You’ll be amazed by the sheer scale of the building, unusual in the Lyon region, but also by the preservation of its medieval appearance: moats, rampart, corner towers, châtelet, drawbridge…

And, no doubt, you’ll marvel as you stroll through its parks and magnificent gardens. Under majestic trees, you’ll discover beautiful views of the château and the Beaujolais mountains.

As with all our monumental nuggets, now you only have one desire: to visit this marvellous château!