Bicycle ride on the Voie Bleue in Trévoux - on the estacadeBicycle ride on the Voie Bleue in Trévoux - on the estacade
©Bicycle ride on the Voie Bleue in Trévoux - on the estacade|Ben-Becker

Like on the Promenade des Anglais

And yes, Trévoux too has its Promenade des Anglais, even if, in reality, it’s perhaps more common to come across Dutch people! Discover new perspectives on the medieval city from the estacade.

Café Vélo La Roue Libre in TrévouxCafé Vélo La Roue Libre in Trévoux
©Café Vélo La Roue Libre in Trévoux
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After a stroll along the banks of the Saône and the estacade, you'll have earned yourself a delicious ice cream at the Café Vélo La Roue Libre in Trévoux! (just over a kilometer from the estacade).

A Mediterranean air

on the banks of the Saône

To re-establish safe pedestrian traffic at the foot of the town’s ramparts, the Communauté de communes Dombes Saône Vallée commissioned the construction of a 540-metre jetty overhanging the Saône River.

An impressive edifice

at the height of a principality

All along the way, an elegant bench in solid oak allows you to sit facing the river and soak up the sun (remember that Trévoux is the only town in the Saône valley to face due south!)

But while doing so, also take time to look at the landward side, as the estacade offers a never-before-seen panorama of the medieval city.

Fronted by a majestic cedar tree, the town’s rampart (rebuilt as a bastioned fortification in 1640), emphasized by an elegant cordon and punctuated by a redent (triangular salient projecting from the rampart), is bordered to the east by the Tournache tower. Built in the late Middle Ages, it was adapted to the use of the first firearms. Its first floor is pierced with gunports designed to defend the tower’s surroundings and serve as a symbolic reminder of the town’s power. Originally higher, the tower was levelled in the 17th century when the adjoining rampart on the Saône side was rebuilt. Today, it still features the same two-tone stone decoration as the château-fort keep: white stone on the lower section and gold stone on the upper section.


Our favorite

Breathtaking view of the fireworks

The pedestrian bridge that spans the Saône opposite the Tourist Office offers a complete panoramic view of the estacade. Admire the structure: 75 steel pillars, anchored in 10-metre-deep foundations capable of bearing the weight of a small car (or, rather, of several thousand people coming to watch the famous fireworks display over the Saône every year on July 13!)